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About Prodigy

Prodigy Technologies Ltd is the ultimate provider of professional I.T solutions, support services and equipment to Individuals, Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs), NGOs and corporate organizations based in Kenya.
We identify, recommend, supply and manage I.T solutions which make running a business stress free and effective yet professional.
At Prodigy we ensure our clients have current I.T products that will take care of immediate and future needs, as well as high quality services that will ensure IT systems work effectively & efficiently at very affordable prices.
We handle a wide range of equipment; Desktops, laptops, Printers, UPS, Servers, Antivirus, Networking devices, Operating systems, POS Solutions, Office productive software.


“To provide professional IT support services that are proven, scalable, interoperable, and innovative and Customized to individual power needs and requirements.”

Our value proposition:

  •        Delivery on-time
  •        High quality services& Goods
  •        Best cost services & Goods
  •         Integrity

We strive to deliver outstanding quality of work through a dedicated team of professionals to ensure that your information technology tools will work for you. We always keep in mind the trust and mutual respect required by our clients in all aspects of our business, and ensures the same by our high levels of integrity.

Philosophy and Strategy

In order to assist the IT needs of the business world; Prodigy Technologies Ltd. focuses its interests in providing the best technological and service oriented solutions. The main aim for this concern is to make our presence in entire business world and to ensure our clients realize expected benefits from our services.

Our strategy is to be part of the growth of IT, based on customer satisfaction, innovation and effective use of technology.